1.  Setting  up your new Sky+HD box and Programming your Sky Remote Control (see below) videos

If you’ve upgraded or replaced your Sky box and you need to set up a new box yourself, watch this step by step official Sky video. If you would prefer to download a User manual click here Skyplus HD DRX 890W User_Guide





  • To help you choose the best method of connecting your Sky+HD box to your router, check to see if your router has a WPS button.

    Example of a WPS button

    If your router has a WPS button:

    1. Press and hold the WPS button on your broadband router for two seconds.
    2. Within one minute press the WPS button on the front panel of your Sky+HD box.
    3. The wireless light on the front of your Sky+HD box will flash amber while the box attempts to establish an internet connection. It will turn solid amber when the connection has been successful.

    If your broadband router doesn’t have a WPS button

    1. You should already be in the Network tab of the settings menu (if not, press services on your remote control and use the arrow buttons to scroll to Settings on the top navigation menu. Press select, then use the arrow buttons to scroll to Network and press select).
    2. Choose Connect with Password using your Sky remote and press select.
    3. Choose your wireless network (SSID) from the list and press select. If you’re not sure what your wireless network is called, this can usually be found on the back or base of the broadband router, next to the password.
    4. Enter your password using the keypad on your remote control then press select to connect. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive: you can cycle through uppercase letters, numbers and lowercase letters through repeated pressing of the number buttons on your Sky remote. Special characters can be entered by repeated pressing of the 0button.
  • 5. Activate your subscription channels

    Once you’ve connected your Sky+HD box to your broadband, to ensure you receive all of the channels that you’ve subscribed to, you’ll now need to activate your channels. You can do this on your TV, online or using the Sky Service app on a compatible mobile device.

    On your TV

    1. Turn to channel 106 and you’ll see an on screen message Your Sky viewing card needs to be paired to your Sky+HD box. To pair them now, press SELECT
    2. Press select on your remote and you’ll see an on screen messageRequesting pairing….
    3. After a few seconds an on screen message Request was successful. Your channels will be available shortly will confirm a successful pairing. It may take a few moments for your channels to become available. 


    If you have any difficulty completing this step, you can also activate your channels online by signing in to Activate my channels with your Sky iD and following the instructions provided.

    Using the Sky Service app on a compatible mobile device

    1. Open the Sky Service app and enter your passcode. If you haven’t signed up to use the app yet, visit our Sky Service app page to find out how.
    2. Tap Sky Settings.
    3. Tap Card Pairing.
    4. Follow the on screen instructions.

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  • 6. Set up Single Feed Mode

    You only need to complete the steps below If you only have one satellite cable.

    1. Press services on your Sky remote, press the right arrow button to highlight Settings, then press 0, 0, 1 and select to access the hiddenSetup menu. If you can’t see the Setup menu, you might need to do a software update on your Sky box. You can find out how to do this in our Sky box stuck on standby article.
    2. Highlight Single Feed Mode and change the setting to ON.
    3. Press the green button to save the setting followed by select to confirm the setting change. Your Sky box will now switch itself off.
    4. After a few minutes press sky to switch your Sky box back on. Your Sky box is now set up to operate in Single Feed Mode.
  • 7. Final checks

    To check you’ve set up your new Sky+HD box correctly, carry out the following quick checks.

    • Check Channel 108: If you have an HD subscription, you should see Sky Atlantic HD on channel 108. If you haven’t got HD, then you’ll see Sky Atlantic on channel 108.
    • Check Sky+: Check that you can record from the TV Guide by highlighting a programme then pressing the record button on your Sky remote. Your recording should now appear in your Planner.
    • Check Sky Sports/Sky Cinema: If you’ve subscribed to Sky Sports and/or Sky Cinema, check that you can watch them by navigating to one of the Sports or Movies channels in the TV Guide then press select.

    If one or more of these checks have failed and you’re seeing the error message “This is the wrong viewing card for this Sky+HD box”, remove your viewing card and re-insert it, then retry the Activate your subscription channels steps above.

    If you can see channel 108 but not Sky Sports or Sky Cinema, you can check the details of your subscription by signing in to sky.com/myaccountusing your Sky iD.

3. Program your Sky remote to control your TV

Depending on the model of your TV, your new Sky remote can control both your Sky+HD box and your TV. Sky’s latest model Sky+HD Remote Control version is Rev. 10 and is in the very Stylish Gunmetal grey colour.

Sky Remote Control Set Up Video – link to sky.uebv.com here