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Amstrad Sky+ DRX 280 box problems continue!

Sky+ boxes seem to be plagued with a lot of problems at the moment. Sky say they are working hard to fix the problems.

Some customers with White Sky+ boxes have reported frozen or pixelated video and interrupted sound when trying to watch recordings from their Planner. They’ve had similar problems trying to resume watching paused shows broadcast live on Sky channels like Sky2 or Sky Living.
 It’s caused by a technical error that only affects Amstrad DRX280 and DRX180 boxes (models 4F21 and 4F20).

Digi Repairs UK now provides an upgrade from these troublesome boxes to the more reliable and stable DRX 890 model. See link  here

This article has been useful and Id like to recieve more information from Digi Repairs UK regarding all things Sky.

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