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Can I buy my own Sky Box? Do I own my Sky box? Yes Yes !

These are two most popular questions we get asked. I guess when your subscribing to Sky TV service you automatically assume that the equipment belongs to the broadcaster. No, you actually own your Sky box and dish from the day it was installed. However you are contracted to pay your subscription to Sky usually for a minimum of one year. Another myth that a lot of Sky subscribers believe is that Sky+HD boxes can only be purchased directly from Sky, this is in fact simply not true. Your completely free to purchase a box from wherever you choose and install it yourself. In fact buying a Sky box directly from Sky is probably the most expensive place to buy a Sky box. For example Sky+HD box model DRX 890W bought directly from Sky costs £199 compared to Digi Repairs UK price of £89.95 both come with 1 Yrs warranty. We recommend buying any of the DRX 890 models as they are very well made.

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