Why buy Certified Refurbished products?


Buying a Certified Refurbished products is a great way of saving money and helping to save the environment.

Over the years we in the UK & Ireland have become accustomed to buying cheap imported electronics from China. We continue to buy them everyday. They have a short lifespan and when they go faulty –  we simply just bin them. Some go to recycling but a lot still goes into land fill. This is wrong and it has go to stop as electrical products contain high levels of toxic substances like:

  • Berylium.
  • Cadmium.
  • Chromium Hexavalent.
  • Lead.
  • Mercury.
  • Brominated flame retardants (BFRs)
  • Polyvinyl chloride PVC.
  • and more


Because we are now so accustomed to buying cheaply made electronics from China the mentality is “if it goes wrong just bin it and buy a new one”. We don’t even consider repairs and even if we did nobody can repair it because the cheaply manufactured Chinese parts can’t be found or even identified.

Sky TV products up to 2007 were cheaply manufactured by sub contractors and to be honest not that reliable.  However after 2007 Sky took in house the manufacturing of all their Sky products and this is where Sky TV products turned the corner and improved in quality. This was because they now had full control of the components  IC’s, Hard Drives etc that went into the boxes.

We know this because we at Digi Repairs UK have been repairing and refurbishing Sky products since 1999.

All our Certified Refurbished Sky products represent excellent value for money and are as good as new in both quality and reliability (that’s a promise). You can purchase Certified Refurbished Sky products from us safe in the knowledge that these products have been rigorously checked, failure rate on our Certified Refurbished products is actually lower than on new products!  We absolutely have no hesitation in been able to give  1 Year warranty on all our products and is provided directly by Digi Repairs UK Ltd.

So spare a thought for your children’s children. Will you be able to say to them you did your bit to save the environment. Don’t put it off till tomorrow start buying Certified Refurbished products today.




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