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Have you got Gremlins in your Sky box?

Eventually all electrical products will suffer from the inevitable. The Gremlins will get in and your Set top box might freeze or not respond to your remote control.


Check your remote


Pressing Sky on your remote should turn your set top box on, if it’s not responding double check that the LED at the top of the remote flashes when you press the button. If not, the issue could be with your remote. To confirm, press standby on the top of your Sky box.


Check Ventilation


It is completly normal for your box to run warm but there’s no getting away from it, when things get hot they don’t work as well. Make sure your Sky box has enough ventilation and consider; has the cat been sat on it? is the box in an enclosed cabinet? 


Power reset


It seems obvious but it fixes so many minor bugs, so it’s always worth turning the power off at the mains for a few minutes. Once you’ve turned the power back on, give your set top box 3-4 minutes before trying to switch it back on.


Reset your Box


As a last resort. a System Reset permanently deletes all recordings, downloads, reminders and series links. You can restore copies of anything you’ve bought using Buy & Keep at sky.com/restore.


  • Press Services
  • Press 0,0,1, Select (Setup should be highlighted)
  • Scroll to System Reset, press Select
  • A confirmation banner will appear, press Select to continue.

Your Sky Box will go into standby, give it a t least 4 minutes before trying to start it up again.


Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.27.26.png If your box won’t come out of Standby, you could try a Front Panel Reset. This will also permanently delete recordings etc as above.


  • Disconnect your set top box from the mains power
  • Press and hold the left and right arrow buttons on top of the box
  • Whilst holding down the arrow buttons, reconnect the power
  • Continue to hold down the arrow buttons until you see the playback circle on your box light up
  • Once the playback circle is lit, you can release the arrows and you should press Select on top of the box twice
  • Give your Set top Box at least 4 minutes before trying to start it up again



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