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How to continue to watch your recordings on your Sky+HD box after you have upgraded to Sky Q

Many people call us hoping there is a way that they can still gain access to their recordings on their old Sky+ HD box after they have upgraded to Sky Q. Here we tell you how you can do this.

When Sky upgrades you to Sky Q they change the pick up on the arm of the dish known as the LNB. This picks the signal up from your satellite dish. Sky normally fit a wideband LNB which only works a Sky Q box and will not work a Sky+HD box. If you want to continue to run your Sky +HD box alongside your Q box then you would need a Hybrid LNB (see diagram). This gives outputs for a Sky Q box and and also for a Sky+ HD box individual of each other. This will fit onto your existing dish.

Next you will need to to connect both boxes to your broadband or WiFi. Chances are they would have already been connected from before.

When you want to watch a recording on your Sky+HD box remove card from Sky Q box  located on the side of your Sky Q box. Double click to remove card and insert into Sky +HD box. Go to Sky One and a message appears ” Your viewing card needs to be paired”. Press select and pair your card. You now have access to all your recording on your Sky+ HD box again.

Return your card to Sky Q box and do the same and pair your viewing card back to your Sky Q box. You now have access to all your Sky Q recordings.

If you use your Sky+HD box at a holiday home that doesn’t have broadband or Wifi then use your phone to create a Wifi Hotspot and and connect your Sky+HD box to this.

Find out how to create a WiFi hotspot with your phone here:


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