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How to get Sky 4K TV ?

Looks like 4K Sky TV is on it’s way and its about time too, as they have been keeping it quiet for sometime now. We are not able to tell you how to get  Sky 4K right now. However as soon as we know we’ll let you know. Sky  have just announced that they’re going to set TV Free (no not Free subscription silly!). However, whatever they’re going to launch on the 18th November, it’s going to have to be good. Sky simply says “It’s time to set your TV free,” with the #SetTVFree as the social hashtag for the event.  Well its been rumoured for well over a year now that Sky would launch a brand new product that would transform the way we watch TV (again ref Sky+!). We have no doubt that Sky must be revealing its 4K deal and one thing for sure it’s going to have to be good as BT has already pipped them to the post, launching their 4K channel ahead of them.

So what will Sky take “out of the hat”?  Well Sky are not one to be beaten that’s for sure. So what could Sky possibly offer, that would get us all excited and make us upgrade to 4K? Simple; more “LIVE SPORT” and ” MOVIES”, the two things that drive subscription TV and people are willing to pay for in the UK and Ireland. By offering us more breathtaking Live Sport and the latest released movies in stunning 4K, then we will be willing to upgrade to 4K.

But most people don’t have a 4K TV’s yet,  and they’re very expensive (if you want to buy a good one that is!). Yes,  but have you been into your local Currys recently? Almost over 60% of the TV’s on display are 4K ! Do they know something we don’t? There is no doubt that the future is 4K and Sky may well be the people who are in the drivers seat pushing it forward.

Sky’s new set top box will have to be good and will no doubt have to integrate with all the latest hand held and mobile devices in the home (no big deal) plus what about our existing Sky+HD boxes, will we be throwing them in the bin or will they integrate with the new technology? The possibly of streaming to other TV’s in the home with access to recordings been held in the cloud as opposed to a Hard Drive or both, will it be able to record more channels at once to compete with Virgin Tivo technology. They will have to cut deals with all the big Movie providers to stay one step ahead of everybody. In fact Sky has secured a deal with Disney to be the first UK broadcaster to offer Star Wars: The Force Awakens through its paid-for box-office offering.  Never has Sky come under such pressure with BT, Netflix, Amazon Prime,  Apple TV, Google, You Tube, Virgin and no doubt others will follow, all wanting viewers.

However, their biggest problem is launching a product that will be future-proof as Japan are already testing 8K TV.  Technology is always changing and evolving and could cost Sky millions if they move too fast or indeed move too slow. So, we will just have to wait and see on the 18th November! Watch their promo here

This article has been useful and Id like to recieve more information from Digi Repairs UK regarding all things Sky.

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