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How to revert back to a Sky+HD box after you’ve cancelled Sky Q

We are getting quite a lot of inquiries on this. People are simply cutting back as the cost of living soars and everybody is trying to save money. Here we will explain how you can revert back to the older type Sky system when you have cancelled Sky Q. Because Sky Q equipment belongs to Sky, you will have to return their box.

There are over 180 Free to Air channels available on the Sky platform and quite a few in HD without needing to subscribe.

When you had  Sky Q installed, the engineer either replaced your Satellite dish or replaced the pickup at the dish known as the LNB. They  installed a special one to work the the Sky Q box. When you cancel Sky Q you must return their box etc. However, the dish remains on your property and belongs to you. This dish is only capable of running a Sky Q box or the New Freesat 4K box. If you re-install a Sky +HD box it will not work. Therefore you have two choices if you want to continue to watch Free to Air TV from Sky without a subscription.

  1. Re-install Sky +HD box (buy here) and install a new pickup (LNB – buy here) at the dish.
  2. Purchase a New Freesat 4K box (buy here). This will work on your existing Sky Q dish nothing else to change.


Most people opt for option 1. – However with Option 2. you would be able to record as well


Hope this helps clarify things!


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