If you’ve broken your IPhone or Ipad and you need it fixing quickly then take it to us at Digi Repairs UK Ltd  Enniskillen. We operate a 1 Hour Iphone Screen repair service located at our workshop in Lackaghaboy Industrial Estate off the Tempo Road Enniskillen.

What to do if you have droped your phone in water?

You will need to take it to us ASAP as the sooner you do the more likely chance we can save your phone (click on map to find us). When water integrates the circuit boards within your phone a chemical reaction starts taking place immediately.

When most people drop their phone in water, they hurriedly dry off the outside of the phone and toss the phone in a bag of rice. The myth goes that the rice draws water out from the inside of the phone, thus saving your phone’s the precious electronic circuitry, your wallet’s money, and your own sanity. What people don’t realize is that simply drying out your phone is not a solution. Water ingress can cause the device to short out, killing the phone immediately. But if the device does not break, corrosion will accumulate over time and finally give up.

We are located at Unit 45, Enniskillen Business Centre, 21 Lackaghboy Road (off Tempo Road)  Enniskillen BT74 4RL. (click on map to find us)

We operate a No Fix – No Fee policy

Contact Telephone NO: 028 66327293

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