Planner sharing on your Sky HD box – How does it work?

planner-sharingIt can ‘t be too far away now! Yes Planner Sharing from Sky has got to be one of the most awaited updates for Sky+ HD boxes.

Imagine been able to access recording from other Sky HD boxes in your house without having to go into that room or switch on that other box.

Off Course you’ve got to have Multiroom subscription.

So here’s how I imagine it would work?

Basically you would have to have all your boxes connected to your broadband. When you pull up the planner on say your box in the bedroom it will show all recording on that box plus also the box downstairs and or other boxes in the network.

A symbol will appear alongside each recording indicating that recording is on another box on the network. You simply highlight and press play, You can watch that recording back though the network. Cool stuff.     Hurry up Sky!!    Need an extra box?