Sky announces plans to launch Sky TV without Dish.

Sky announces plans to launch Sky TV without Dish.

Sky say we have exciting plans in place to launch our Sky TV service in the UK without the need for a satellite dish for the first time, opening up the full Sky TV service to millions of customers who either currently don’t want or can’t have a dish installed. Launching in their next financial year and initially in the UK, this new broadband-based service will open up new headroom for growth. Over time, Sky will launch this service in other markets, building their position as Europe’s leading OTT provider.

Rewarding loyal customers
Sky say their existing customers are at the heart of everything they do and this year they will recognise and reward their loyalty for choosing and remaining with Sky. This approach has already proved successful in Italy where churn has reduced and they will be using the learnings from this market to introduce new initiatives across the group, including launching the UK’s first tenure based loyalty programme in the spring. In addition, they will use their deep customer insights to ensure customers are on the right package to suit them and they will, in some cases, be upgrading their customers to the latest equipment in order to give them the best Sky experience. There will be a range of rewards for all their customers from the very first day they join Sky and taken together they believe these plans will deliver tangible results.

Finally, they say they will broaden their business further by launching their movie transactional service, Sky Store, in Germany and fully roll-out our targeted advertising service, Sky Adsmart, in Italy and Ireland.

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