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Sky Q Set Top Box launched

Well finally the wait is over. Sky today have released details of their new Sky Q box.  We always new Sky would have something good up their sleeve and they havn’t  disappointed us. This new set top box looks quite something with a whopping 12 tuners means you can record up to four channels simultaneously, while still watching a fifth channel live. So never again have you not enough space and the fact that it can be streamed round the house using your own electricity wires to up to two other Sky Q mini boxes keeping everybody happy in the home. The fact that Sky use satellite unlike BT who use your broadband to stream 4K makes it open to anyone in the UK and Ireland no matter how remote you are.

The system is based on the notion of ‘fluid viewing’, so that customers can watch programmes across a number of screens – for example, pausing a show in one room, then watching it in another.

Customers will also be able to download programmes to their tablet, to watch on the go.

Interactive apps including YouTube and Vevo will also be available through the system. As well as a YouTube app, Sky Q will let you play music through your TV. Apple’s AirPlay and Spotify will both be supported.

With Sky Q, Sky has given its TV interface a sorely needed lick of paint. Alongside a fully fledged TV guide, programming is organised into tabs such as Catch Up TV, Top Picks and Box Sets. Meanwhile a new Continue tab collects programmes that you’re halfway through, to quickly get back into your shows.


Sky’s 4K service coming next year

Sky Q will be 4K-ready, which means that- in theory at least – its boxes can handle video that plays at the very high 4K resolution. You’ll need a 4K TV to take advantage of this, and one big problem to date has been the many advances of ultra high-definition video to actually watch. Sky could alleviate that issue however, having confirmed today that it would be launching 4K services next year, alongside voice commands, and a Sky Q app for smartphones.


Sky Q Mini and Fluid Viewing

Alongside the main Sky Q Silver box, Sky is also selling a smaller Q Mini box, which sits in a secondary room of your house, and funnels the same live channels and all of Sky’s on-demand TV onto another television. This miniature box doesn’t require a dish, and acts as the Robin to the Sky Q Silver’s Batman, in a bid to bring Sky’s service to every room in your house.

Sky calls this concept “Fluid Viewing”, and means you can connect up three TVs and two tablets for a whole house full of Sky.



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